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From: Ben
Subject: Family Traditions - Introducing my son to family traditions. (Part 6)LESSON 6: FINDING MORE THING TO SHARE WITH THE FAMILYMickey and me had already gone far enjoying ourselves.
But, we seemed not to have enough of each other; even
when we had fun with some other men at the gym,
including fun with my two brother when ever we could
get together. Every time we wanted, we would choose a
horny muscled man from the gym to have fun with him.
The only condition I put was that the lolli pre teen world guy had to do
what ever me or Mikey wanted.
One time, we had a guy that was 50 years old. He was
new at the gym. He had only about one month working
out there, so he wasn't very open. And, of course, he
didn't know everything that went on there. I could see
that when we were naked in the shower or the locker
room, his dick would get so hard and drip, he couldn't
stop rubbing "accidentally" his ass crack and his
shaft, just watching us. He always pretended he was
soaping his body but he obviously couldn't avoid
cumming after soaping his 50 year old muscled body and
cock. He had a nice long fat uncut cock, and a nice
bubble ass. So I asked my son if he would like to have
fun with him; he just said "Dad, I would love to get
my ass raped by a man like him, especially if you're
watching and give him a good fuck after he takes my
ass, just to teach him 100 free lolita pics a lesson". So I we both went to
the showers next to the man and introduced ourselves.-"Hi, its hot today, isn't it, huh?"
-"Yep, it's a hot day, I could be in the showers all
day", he said.
-"By the way, I'm Micheal, and he's my son Mike."
-"Hi there guys. I'm Carl. Its nice to see a good
father with his son in the gym working out. That is a
good thing. Not many fathers help their boys at the
gym. I see you are building your son good and hard,
he's a big kid, How old is he?"
-"I'm 17 sir. My dad says he wants to make a man out
of me, and he wants to see me improving every day,
that's why he's always with me, so that he can guide
-"Well guys, I'm going to the sauna for a while."
-"Ok dad, meet you there in a second, I just want to
feel the showers a little longer, ok."
-"Ok son, don't take too long, I'll be waiting."So I went to the sauna and waited for a few minutes,
and then I took a peek in the shower room and I saw
Carl was quite a fast guy, he was already fucking
Mike's ass deep and hard. With long hard strokes, he
was plunging my son's huge ass. I was enjoying the
sight and playing with my cock, it was a very hot
sight, I was waiting for the best moment to barge in.
Until I heard Carl say:
-"Ooohhh Mikey, your ass is so hot and hard, I'm ready
to shoot my thick load right now, right up your ass,
here son, here, take this load in. Yeah, that's it,
squeeze those cheeks for me, milk my cock! Get it all
in! Here son! Here! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!
My son was a pro, he made no noise so that Carl
wouldn't get nervous and he'd forget that I was in the
other room and could come in any moment.-"Hey, hey, hey, what do we have here Carl. You trying
to get advantage of my son cause he was alone, huh
Carl! Let's see if you are so rough with a man your
-"Hey, man, easy. I.... I.... I just... I only... uh.... Well
the kid.... He asked"
-"Well Carl, you just fucked my son, I'm gonna have to
teach you a lesson now. You are not supposed to take
another mans son without his permission. Now I'm gonna
punish your ass Carl."
-"Hey, Michael, easy bud! I don't like to take cock up
my ass. But... your son... he said it was no problem....
-"Shut up Carl, if you don't want me to put charges on
you, you will have to do what ever I say."-"Michael, don't be so hard on me, please, I just... he
asked... he told me to.... I...I...."-"Carl, I said, if you don't want me to put charges on
you, you will have to do what ever I say, that all,
what do you pre teen lolita desnuda prefer Carl. You're a reasonable man,
think about this, this could stay between us.... or....
you could make me do this public. I think you will
open your ass for me, won't you Carl?"I started caressing his ass and getting my hand in his
asscrack. He was very nervous to see a man taller and
stronger than him tell him he's gonna be raped,
especially after being caught fucking that man's son.
Mike was standing next to me, just enjoying every
minute of this.-"Ok Michael, I'll be very cooperative with you, but
be gentle with me, ok."
-"Don't worry Carl, I'll be as gentle as I saw you
were with my son's ass. Put your hands on the wall
Carl, let me do my thing here and you'll be free to
go. No one will ever know what you just did."I started to bend him a bit, rubbing my cockhead onto
his asscrack. He shivered.-"You liked my son's ass Carl? Huh. Carl, I think you
did. He has a very nice ass you know. He has been
working out a lot, that's how he gets that ass hard
and huge. You liked fucking him?"He just didn't answer.-"Carl! Did you like to free preeteen lolita pics
fuck my son."And ram! In one move I put all my 12 inches in his
ass. He just moaned trying not to shout his pain.
Then, after a few moves of my cock in his asshole, he
started to calm down and moan a bit deeper. I started
to move a bit harder. Pulling all the way out and all
the way in again until my balls hit his.-"Well Carl, I see that you are getting a bit
comfortable with this. Are you Carl?"He just didn't answer, but his moans told me that he
was enjoying every move. So I started to pump harder
and faster. His ass was tight. He definitely was a
virgin, or at least he didn't take much cock up his
ass. We were gonna teach him a good lesson!
Started fucking him harder and faster each time, until
I was ready to unload my cock in his ass.-"Here Carl, it's your turn to take a load up your
ass, here's all my jizz to cover your insides. Here
Carl, take this load in, take it all, take it man!
Take it! Squeeze your ass for me Carl! Squeeze your
cheeks! Make me cum like you did in my son's ass! Here
Take it, take it. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Uuuuuuuhhhhh! Aahhhhh!."
Carl was all exited at this moment, he took all my
load in, with no struggles, he just behaved to his
punishment. He took it all, and then he started
stroking his cock to cum again.-"No Carl, wait, we're not through with your ass yet.
My son Mike has some thing for you too. Wait a sec, I
didn't tell you to get your hands off the wall. Come
here Mike, take this ass. It's all lubed with videos sexo lolitas gratis
my cum
for you. Here, it's all yours."He put his hands back on the wall and he bent a bit to
let lolita anal stretching pics Mike's cock in. He now was more relaxed, he opened
his legs wide so that Mike could enjoy his ass too.
Mike got on Carl's back, and rammed his cock in and
started fucking him deep and hard.-"Wow dad, you left his asshole wide open. This guy's
ass is now opened to take everything in. This is so
hot, I can feel and smell the cum that's dripping out
of his ass dad. You came like a fire hose in his ass."Mike started to fuck him faster until he could not
stop or avoid cumming.-"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! here Carl!
Take my load too! Now your ass if full of my dads cum
and mine! You have a nice hot hole Carl,
aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh!"Carl didn't even need to touch his cock to cum. He
came right there, standing with his hands on the wall.
When Mike finished he dropped to the floor and laid
there staring at us. He looked tired and weak. He was
just laying there watching us. Then, I grabbed my son
by his waist, and kissed him. I turned him around and
put my cock in his ass. I started fucking Mike while
Carl was watching us with wide open eyes. He couldn't
believe what he was seeing. I was fucking my son, and
he was punished for `raping' my son? He couldn't say a
word. He just laid there on the floor as I fucked my
son's huge muscle ass, hugging and fucking him till I
came in his ass.When we were finished, we left him there, took a
shower and went to the locker room. After a few
minutes, pre teen lolita desnuda
we were both dressed and ready to leave, when
Carl came out of the shower room and approached us:-"Michael. Mike. I want to apologize for what I did in
there, I ....."
-"Don't worry Carl, you're a good fuck. Your invited
to join us when ever we need a third man to have fun."Comments:
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